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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ignite Quotes

Quotes about Ignite

  • Look at the mirror everyday appreciate yourself and stop thinking bout others that are more successful than you ,if you appreciate yourself enough your success is achievable ,life is like firework you have to ignite the fuse and make it beautiful.
  • Relearning from children the need to question and discover can ignite ones creativity and reveal more possibilities.
  • It's our responsibility to inspire, to motivate, to ignite the fire in every living person. Even in our deepest frustration when the wellsprings of creation seem as dry as the Sahara Desert, our's is the capacity to take the abundance of nothing surrounding us, and create a masterpiece. Give the creative a stone and she will create a statue. Give him mud and he will build a castle. Give her a branch and she will grow Eden. Give him air and he will make wings to fly.

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